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Hot take. Every page on your website should be an about us page

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Have you ever thought how weird it is that so many companies have an "about us" page on their website, but show absolutely none of their personality on any of their other web pages?

Why do some companies make the artificial distinction between "about us" and every other page? Why shouldn't every page do just as much to show the customer who you are?

It could be a lack of brand identity. If you don't have a brand identity, pretty much the only tools you have to communicate your organisation's personality are your logo and your about us page. And then you have to rely on your customer caring enough about you to find out who you are. 

That's why so many organisations place disproportionate importance on logos and about us pages. But if you have a strong brand identity, you can use your other web pages (and countless other assets) to communicate really important things about you, like your values.

Let's take a look at an example.

Snag Tights is an independent clothes retailer with a mission to make clothes that fit all body sizes and types. They started out with tights, but they've expanded their range to include all sorts of comfy, flattering and eye-catching clothing. Their ethos is all about inclusivity. They believe that everyone should feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. And this ethos is written all over every page of their website - not literally, in those words, but in the content they've chosen.

snag tights

For example, their product photography doesn't just show their products on regular models, or shots on white, but on real people - and there is a diverse range of different body types on show. You can instantly tell they value diversity by their product photography alone.

You can also tell they're a bit anti-establishment, anti-mainstream-fashion, anti-body-shaming. They're pro-confidence, pro-self-love, pro-inclusivity, pro-LGBTQ+. They care about representing people with disabilities, people of colour, and people with "different" body types. I can see all of this without ever setting foot on their about us page. That's the mark of a strong brand, with a clear sense of identity and purpose, and an effective brand language.

What does your website say about you? Is your personality limited to your about us page? Would someone understand, at least vaguely, your organisation's values from your product photography or product copy alone? If the answer is no, then maybe it's time you invested in your brand identity and tone of voice.

Stop relying on tiny touchpoints, like your logo or your about us page, to tell your whole story. There's a better way. Get in touch to talk about our branding and website packages.

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