Monkey Monday - August 8th, 2022

99 small things to improve your business - episode 4

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In today's episode:

Tip 18 - Give people time to volunteer

Tip 17 - Ban arseholes

Tip 82 - Take good notes

Tip 20 - Do that thing you've been putting off

Tip 72 - Surround yourself with people who are not like you

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Ooh, are you trying to come onto me?
I am yes, why not. Oh, what's that behind your ear, Chris?. Oh, look. Ooh, magic. Ooh. Ooh. It's another Monkey Monday, Chris.
It is. And it's, uh, another part of our series of 99 small things you can do to improve your business.
Uh, I was doing 99 there.
Oh that's good- what? Oh okay fine. I thought you were going 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60. This is going to take ages.
Yeah, that's not a good use of our time is it. Sorry for wasting those valuable seconds for you.
Yeah, Matt's really good at counting. Right. Go on then.
It's back. The box is back.
I'm gonna choose one. And these things can potentially improve your business. Let's have a chat about give people time to volunteer.
Ooh. Okay. Go on then.
Well, uh, it's not about the time that everyone just spends in the office. If you do things outside of it, you can, um, feel better, bring more things back to the business. You might learn things. I mean, some of our team have painted fences at, uh, Nottingham City Farm. Is that right?
And they've really enjoyed it and they've come back with, um, great stories and, um, they've come back refreshed as well and energized to do more work. I think it's really good.
And they get to meet people there too. And I think it's just really valuable. And you could find stuff that you care about as well as a, as an organization and, um, do causes. Volunteer for causes that mean something to you. I think it's really good. All right, let's do another one. I'm gonna dig deep. I'm gonna go right to the bottom.
Don't think it makes a lot of odds. Good luck.
This one's gonna be a deep and meaningful one.
Oh yeah.
Uh, cuz I went deep. Are we ready?
Uh, ban arseholes.
Yeah. Everywhere.
Yeah, yep.
Don't work for arseholes, don't work with arseholes.
Don't employ arseholes.
Don't employ arseholes. Steer clear of arseholes.
I mean, it's simple. Why would anyone, I mean, people work with arsholes, but why would you? If you've got a choice of going, should I work with an arsehole or not, then don't.
Yeah. It's interesting how you might qualify an arsehole, I suppose, that might be an interesting thing. You know, what is an arsehole?
I think you should have a chat with your team and ask them if there are people who are causing any misery in their lives. Yeah. And try and deal with that.
Yeah. Readjust that relationship. Can the arsehole be saved or do you step away from the arsehole? Either way life's too short, right? Yeah. It's too short.
Step away from the arsehole.
Step away. This arsehole is reversing.
Well, that was an easy one, wasn't it? This one. Uh, this is a challenging one for me and Matt, it is take good notes. We often go into meetings and um, we talk about stuff and then come out and go, yeah, I've made some notes about that. And there's some scrawly thing that just says, cheese. And then, uh, 2019. And then you go back to it, you go, what the hell happened then? It's just...
It's difficult. If think if you're running the meeting, it's hard to do the notes, isn't it? So in our world, it's always great when we got someone in who's a, a good note taker.
Yes. I met someone... where did I meet them the other day? And they had, they had a notebook and they went, I write down everything. And it was a lady and she was like, I could go back to any meeting and tell you exactly what happened and exactly what the action points were. I was like, yeah, I need to do more of that.
I did one once and, uh, it was a really good meeting. We were having a great laugh with the customer and they said, um, look just don't make it shit. That was what they said to us. And I took some notes down. That was the one line I wrote, but because I wrote really quickly, actually, I actually missed out the word don't. So I wrote one thing and it said, just make it shit. I showed them it on the zoom call.
So if you can take better notes than us.
Yeah. It can't be hard. If you, if you're not great note taking, bring someone in who's really good.
Yeah. Um, it's something we can improve on.
Yes. We shall try and do better.
Or lean on people who can. Lean on the experts. Do that thing you've been putting off. I love that one. Oh, because it's so, it's so easy, isn't it to bat that thing away. Be proactive attack it. I think it's really good. Sometimes I'll have, um, and I know Russ in our agency does this as well. He'll go, I'm gonna block out Wednesday afternoon or something like that, and we're gonna tackle all of that stuff. All of these little bits that you never quite finish, never get completed. And I think the value you get out of just actually closing these things is great. I love that one. That's really good.
I think there's also a thing about, um, I, I sort of have a thing about dopamine hits when people talk about doing something and go, we're going to do X, Y, and Z. It's like when people say we're gonna, I'm gonna lose weight. And if you just go, I'm going on a diet and I'm gonna run the world and you go, you sort of get a dopamine hit from doing that and you go, oh, I don't need to do it now. I've had that, that high from it. So actually following through is, is a great thing.
Yeah. Finishing stuff. Yeah. Imagine that. Yeah. Complete.
Like getting through this 99 list of things.
Some of it's getting out the dip, isn't it? Yeah. You hit the dip. There's a whole book on the dip by...
A man or woman. I could insert the name, I suppose.
I think it's Seth Godin.
Is it?
Maybe. One of them, one of them geniuses we often refer to.
Anyway. Right? Next one, maybe the last one for today. Um, surround yourself with people who are not like you.
If you have a business where everyone is a carbon copy of yourself, it's gonna be a bit shit. Because everyone's just gonna be yes, yes, sir. You want people who could challenge who you think the company is and, and challenge why you do stuff, um, and diversity through what, whatever that means is a brilliant thing.
Yeah. I mean, we, we often talk about cultural fit don't we, and we love that, but cultural fit is not, it is not, let's get a load of people who are all exactly the same as we are.
And it is let's make sure that we are all going the same direction and believe the purpose of what we're doing is the right thing. But after that, you can be as diverse as we can possibly be. And I think that's really awesome. You shouldn't just be gathering together a group of. If it was just us it would be middle-aged Boston grammar school boys.
You definitely don't want that.
No, although we do have a few of them, but yeah, only a few. We can't help it. That's where we started. That's us. That's us.
That is us. We need to stop. Yes. Yeah. Run out time.
We hope those tips were wonderful and amazing. Yes, but they were, we know they are. You just need to listen.
What, what are you saying?
Don't know, mate, I'm just rambling.
All right.
Just wasting some more of your time.
Yeah. Right.
That was 99 things to do. Bye everybody.
Bye. See you next time.

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