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7 things we learned from Google Squared

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Having just graduated from Google Squared Online, our Marketing and Social Media expert, Kayleigh, gives us the low-down on what exactly Google Squared is and the valuable lessons she took away.

So - is the Google Squared course all that its squared up to be?

In short, yes and so much more.

What is Google Squared?

Google Squared is an award winning online course endorsed by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) and developed with Google. It focuses on helping you stay relevant in today's industry by becoming digitally savvy. Guided by industry experts, the course spans six months and covers five key modules: Embracing Change, Customer Centricity, Digital Channels and Technology, Data, Analytics, and Insights and the Gartner Hype Cycle.

Feel free to put the kettle on as you tune into the weekly live lectures and indulge yourself in a wide variety of valuable topics: Customer Journey, Disruptive Business Planning, Social Media, Mobile, Search, Display, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Attribution Models, Leadership Models, and Digital Trends to name a few.

It is so much more involved than your average online course, it feels like a social activity as you constantly collaborate with your fellow Squares in virtual teams. From marketing managers to graduates to non-marketing professionals, each person brings something unique to every task, offering valuable insights into different sectors worldwide.

The virtual team building side of Google Squared is a lot of fun (and you really learn to refine your leadership skills!), and it's challenging too, learning to time-manage with people who are just as busy as you. Be prepared to spend 4-6 hours studying each week with Squared Online, and you will become part of a super team of Squares in no time.

Who is Google Squared for?

Squared Online is suitable for a wide-group of people interested in becoming confident in digital marketing, from entrepreneurs to graduates. The course is both practical and interactive, and is specifically developed for people who work full time or have other commitments.

Kayleigh decided to enrol on Squared to further expand her knowledge in digital to help her stay relevant in today's industry.

Top things we learned from Google Squared

If you're thinking of doing the course, Kayleigh has outlined some of the top things she learnt and has provided some links to get you started.

1) Hero Hub Help

The Hero, Help and Hub model proposes a new approach to brand storytelling. Effective content strategy is not about creating singular campaigns but producing ongoing content that aligns customers with your brand mission and purpose.

2) Customer journey and the Why-How-What framework

If you have ever watched our vlogs you will probably already know about this one! Squared Online supports one of Rusty Monkey's favourite philosophies - Simon Sinek's Golden Circle. 

3) SEO key principles

SEO is the cornerstone of digital marketing. But don't be fooled, there is a lot to learn. Squared Online helped Kayleigh with the foundations of understanding the SEO key principles, from being mobile friendly to creating clear URLs. 

4) GA key terminology

If you're new to web analytics some of the terminology might feel alien. It is so easy to get confused! Google Squared provides access to some of the most important Google Analytic terms.

5) The Role of the Brand in the Customer Journey

Value + Story = Brand Loyalty. Squared Online outlines the importance of content marketing, and proposes using a Brand Storytelling Framework as a tool to develop your brand.

6) Customer value mapping

Squared teaches you to always put your customers first. If you don't meet the expectations of your customer, or bring them value, they can easily turn to a company who will. Identify the value you provide by mapping your customers needs and wants in relation to your offering.

7) Content Sweet Spot

The content sweet spot helps you create content which showcases your brand's unique way of fulfilling customers' needs. This type of content will set your brand apart from your competitors and likely appeal to your customers.

Meet Kayleigh

Kayleigh started her career interning at a marketing agency in London, has a degree in Photography and has recently completed the online digital marketing course 'Squared'.

She has taken the time to share her experience of this course with us.

Q: What inspired you to do the Google Squared course?

A: I have always wanted to work in an industry that was creative. I did a marketing internship at Performics London for a few weeks where I discovered my love for marketing. I wanted to do something that would help me future-proof my career.

After a lot of research I discovered that digital marketing specifically was the way forward, this is the way the world is going after all. From there I signed up for the Squared course, its reputation and endorsement by Google made it really attractive to me.

Q: Would you recommend the course to others?

A: I would definitely recommend the course to others, especially people who are in a similar position to me and need to juggle work alongside studying. Squared was developed for people who work full time or have other commitments so I was able to do the work in the evenings or on weekends. As everything was online it was great to be able to study when it suited me.

It was sometimes difficult after a long day, but was 100% worth it. Lots of tea and biscuits certainly helped - plus it was a great excuse to make my other half do all the cooking and cleaning for 6 months! I was really lucky to have the support from him as I know not everyone would.

Q: What was your favourite part of Google Squared?

Customer Centricity was my favourite module of the course as I was able to apply what I learnt at Rusty Monkey. Putting customers first is something that can be applied across all areas of marketing, no matter what sector you decide to go into. It helped me understand customer needs and the moments that matter to them. It teaches you how to reach your audience with the right messages at specific moments across their journey.

I also loved the group project aspect of the course as it allowed me to meet and learn from so many new people.

Q: Things others should know before starting the course?

A: Be prepared to work alongside others who have loads of marketing experience. It was aimed at all levels. This was sometimes strange, but it was amazing to work with people like this and learn from them. Not something you get with a lot of other courses. Just remember that your ideas still count even if you don't have as much experience. That was something I found challenging at first, but overcame it when I started the second module.

Find out more about Squared Online here.

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