At Rusty Monkey we offer a comprehensive range of services and understand that sometimes it can be confusing understanding the terminology, let alone the pricing of such. We will always do our utmost to guide you through the whole process from idea to launch. Our pricing structure is clear and we will always be completely transparent with what is involved in a project and the likely costs. To give you an idea of typical prices, please see our Studio Rates section below.

"How much is a web site?"
"What will a 3 minute video cost?"
"How expensive is a rebrand?"

Of course, if you think about it, it's nearly impossible to give a flat rate for these things. A 3 minute video of a cat sleeping is much less work for us than an animated 3 minute video of a cat sleeping rendered in photorealistic 3d. Similarly web design projects and rebrands vary so widely in scale it's unrealistic to do a flat fee.

Our promise

Here is what we do promise though. We are always happy to provide a rough ball park based your rough needs. Need an eCommerce store, with 50 products and a blog? We'll give you a rough estimate just based on answers to a few questions. Or let us know what you are trying to achieve and what your budget is and we promise to give you the best advice we can.

Standard Studio Rates

For the majority of our work we will calculate the costs for the project based on what we call our "standard studio rate". Really small projects and basic updates are charged hourly. If it's going to take 1 to 3 days then we fall into the day rate and for bigger projects we work on a weekly fee basis.

Hourly £80 Studio Rate

  • Small Ad Hoc Jobs
  • Web Updates
  • Small Graphic Design Jobs
  • Transferring a Website
  • Training and Support

Daily £500 Studio Rate

  • Small Web Builds
  • Graphic Design Work
  • Plugins or Small Dev Jobs
  • Training and Support Days
  • Small Branding Tweaks

Weekly £2000Studio Rate

  • Most Larger Web Projects
  • eCommerce Development
  • App Development
  • Bigger Branding Jobs
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Animation Work
  • Database Services

Retainer Retainer Rate

  • Ad Hoc Creative Work
  • Ongoing Web or App development
  • Online Marketing and SEO
  • Web Site Support
  • Ongoing Technical Services

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