• January 2003

    Once upon a time

    Rusty Monkey Logo Aged

    Rusty Monkey was formed to bring together the creative collaborations of its founder directors.

    Matt was a freelance graphic and web designer, with a keen interest in animation, music and games technology. He began work as a magazine layout designer and also worked for a local photographer digitally restoring photographs.

    Russ was mostly doing contract positions in web and CD ROM development. Russ shared Matt's enthusiasm for game design and they worked together on some early games using Shockwave.

    Chris was working as camera operator for the BBC. With a history of branding work, pre-press and photography to complement his video work he was well placed to collaborate with Matt and Russ to offer a wide range of services from the fledgling company.

  • 2003 to 2010

    Early Accolades

    While continuing their freelance careers, Rusty Monkey was used as an umbrella brand for the projects that Matt, Russ and Chris worked on together. Over these few years the guys worked on all sorts of projects for all sorts of clients. Including:

    • 3d animation work for Hewlett Packard
    • Collaboration on a CD Rom for Nissan Europe
    • Graphic design work for the BBC
    • Flash animation work for Ocean Spray
    • Web based image library and a record-breaking ad campaign for Interflora
    • Kiosk flash programming for Nestle
    • Flash animation work for Compaq
    • Camera work for the BBC
    • A unique golf scoring application for Taylors Made
    • Various web design, branding, video and animation jobs for a range of SMEs
    Our clients
  • January 2011


    In late 2010 the trio decided that it was time to lean on the success of their collaborative work and concentrate on turning the umbrella company into a focused commercial entity. Matt and Russ dropped their separate freelance work and began working full time on developing Rusty Monkey into a creative agency. Within a year the company grew to include a second web developer and an account manager.

    They also moved from their mobile offices to the centre of Nottingham in the Lace Market, in an area which has now become known as the Creative Quarter.

    Expanding their services further to include online marketing and SEO, more complex web development, becoming experts in Open Source systems - such as Magento and WordPress - and developing their own web based CMS (called Bunch) was an essential element to growing the company.

  • December 2012

    Innovate. Communicate.

    Rusty Monkey App Development

    By the end of 2012 the company had grown further with it's own online marketing department and moved into larger offices. It was also a year that helped grow their client list, acting as a creative and technical arm for Office Depot, creating video and a cross-device app for the National Trust and cementing their position as an agency that can deliver a complete creative package.

  • Autumn 2013


    Rusty Monkey App Development

    2013 saw Rusty Monkey further develop the app side of the business creating an app for the University of York and creating an animated story book. Leaning on their proven skills in 2d animation, cross-platform programming, video direction and audio creation meant that they could achieve the entire project in-house.

    The philosophy of never outsourcing any core work means that Rusty Monkey have retained total creative control over such projects and even when managing large budgets and retainers are able to offer incredible value for money.

  • Late 2015


    By the end of 2015 the team has grown further and has launched 2 major bespoke complex web developments based on a brand new version of Bunch (now at version 3.3). The small but agile team now offer an incredible range of creative and technical services. Since 2011 they have achieved some amazing things such as:

    • App development for National Trust
    • Redeveloped the 'Ink and Toner' search for Office Depot
    • Subsidiary web development work for Travis Perkins
    • Video production work for CDA Kitchens
    • App development for the University of York
    • Nominated for a Metal Hammer Golden Gods Award for best music video
    • Web development work for Titan the Robot
    • Video production work for the University of Nottingham
    • Camera work for the BBC
    • Complete creative and marketing services for Luxfer Gas Cylinders
    • From-the-ground-up development of Whitebarrel Winery
    • A microsite for the NHS
  • Late 2017

    New site

    With the now fully consolidated creative and technical packages in place, Rusty Monkey launched their new range of complete services with a new web site ...

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    Technical Developers


    Online and Traditional Marketing




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