What are Marketing Retainers?

Marketing retainers are a contract between a company and a creative agency.

This is normally broken down into a monthly fee which guarantees availability and work allocation against certain tasks. The agreement outlines the type of monthly activity and tasks that can be carried out against retained hours and offers a reduced hourly rate.

We have a firm belief in working along side our clients to get the best return possible from the creative and technical services that we provide. While we are happy to create one off projects we always prefer to go the extra mile and help fill the gap in a company's marketing department.

- Matt Burton, Creative Director -

Online Marketing Retainers

A big part of our service, once we have built your amazing new web site, is to help promote it and reach your audience. An online marketing retainer is a monthly fee that dedicates some studio time each month towards a range of activities to help promote your website, drive quality traffic to it, improve conversions, social media engagement and search engine rankings.

The benefits of running this sort of campaign are that you get dedicated support and our very best hourly rate.

Traditional Marketing Retainers

Many of our clients require a range of creative works over the course of year. We split the cost of these projects over the term of the retainer into a monthly fee. No time is wasted though! We provide detailed reports of all our activity and unspent hours are carried over to the next month.

This sort of retainer can involve helping design stands and deliverables for trade shows, brochure design, branding development, video production and ad hoc creative needs.

Support Retainers

Maintaining your web site, eCommerce store or complex-database-driven-cloud-based-systems can be a daunting and time consuming task. We take the pressure away by making sure that your software is to up to date, that your server is secure and if there are any problems getting you back and running as soon as possible.

With all of our web development projects we offer 30 days of free support and guidance. A support retainer continues this service and gives you peace of mind that we'll update your WordPress site, install security patches for your Magento store or provide continued improvements and updates to your systems.

Combined Retainers

We have several clients that rely on us for all of the above. We can create a retainer policy that will allow us to jump on a creative need (such as a trade show), build your new web site, manage your PPC campaigns and provide ongoing support and updates.

We're proud of providing a service that gives you complete clarity in the form of monthly reports with complete breakdowns of everything that we have done - down to the minute! Why not drop us a message and ask for an example of how our retainer policy works?

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