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Web And Video Case Studies

  • Bandit and Bach Group Video Astons

    An easy, stylish way to make all of your videos look professional and on-brand. Markus at Bach Group is the German distributor for Concept Smoke Screen, so he approached us to help out with some marketing on the continent. As well as providing a German-language version of the Very, Very Short Heist Movie, we produced two different video astons for him to use on any video he produced. This...  View This »

  • Concept Smoke Screen go to the movies

    A Hollywood production to advertise your business. As part of our 2010 marketing we suggested that Concept Smoke Screen take a slightly different approach to their competitors. We concepted, wrote, casted, directed and edited The Very, Very Short Heist Movie - a pastiche of classic Hollywood crime capers in which we demonstrated how short such films would have been if the targets had a Smoke...  View This »

  • Wildgoose Construction video

    A perfect showcase for their latest construction project. Wildgoose Construction, based in Chesterfield, were rightly very proud of the work they did in rebuilding Abercrombie School. They made it an ultra-modern, eco-friendly site, and they asked us to come along and film for the day to show off the key features. We included a tour of the school and interviews with the headmaster, architect...  View This »

  • Evil Scarecrow's music video

    Stunning music videos at an affordable price. We worked with Nottingham-based parody metal band Evil Scarecrow to produce a music video for their song 'Blacken The Everything'. They're quite a theatrical lot, so we knew the video needed to have high production values and really accentuate what the band and track are about. With Chris on board we know we will always do a great job of filming...  View This »