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Web And Video Case Studies

  • Have a Doodle with Viking Direct

    Viking Direct approached us with an interesting project. They produced a brand new TV advert earlier in the year and they wanted an interesting way to present this on their Youtube channel, so they asked us to help design and build an interactive page for them. Now, rather than just displaying the video and nothing else, the page has other features to engage visitors, such as the little...  View This »

  • Smoke Screen at IFSEC 2011

    Concept Smoke Screen are exhibiting at IFSEC 2011 - the security industry's premier exhibition of new products and ideas. We've acted as an external marketing department for Smoke Screen for a while now, and this year we helped them in a number of ways. They're showing The Very Short Heist Movie on a big screen on their stand. We produced this promotional video last year, but this is now being...  View This »

  • Concept Smoke Screen go to the movies

    A Hollywood production to advertise your business. As part of our 2010 marketing we suggested that Concept Smoke Screen take a slightly different approach to their competitors. We concepted, wrote, casted, directed and edited The Very, Very Short Heist Movie - a pastiche of classic Hollywood crime capers in which we demonstrated how short such films would have been if the targets had a Smoke...  View This »

  • CD and DVD ROM design - innovative, dynamic marketing

    Interactive CD ROM for Ocean Spray. We built a CD ROM for Ocean Spray's 2005 dried cranberry launch. A dynamic Flash front-end allowed us to present a wealth of information in an interesting way, and we integrated video and much more into the product. It's a great way to present your latest products or services, and as a marketing tool is much more interesting than just sending out leaflets...  View This »