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Our 48 hour adventure

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Friday, 5th November 2010

Web site design against the clock - how did we get on?

We set ourselves a pretty ridiculous challenge. We've wanted to update our website for a while but finding the time has been tricky. So Chris, in his infinite wisdom, set us the challenge of shutting the studio down for 48 hours, and then redesigning, building and setting live a brand new site within 2 days. It was about as hard as we anticipated, but we made it, and we hope you like our efforts. We made a video of our journey, so you can see how we went about it - we'll be uploading the video once we've all had the chance to get our breath back!

We're pretty proud of what we achieved. although even with a team of 5 working solidly on the site there was still some work to do after we re-opened the studio. Even though we got the site built (and that included some extra functionality such as the blog, Twitter feed etc) in our mad timeframe, we still needed to tidy up some styling for older versions of IE and validate and test everything. The site is always an ongoing project and will hopefully grow organically until we decide to repeat the experiment. Maybe next time we'll see what we can produce in a week!


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