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Smoke Screen at IFSEC 2011

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Wednesday, 18th May 2011

Concept Smoke Screen are exhibiting at IFSEC 2011 - the security industry's premier exhibition of new products and ideas. We've acted as an external marketing department for Smoke Screen for a while now, and this year we helped them in a number of ways. They're showing The Very Short Heist Movie on a big screen on their stand. We produced this promotional video last year, but this is now being shown in 'Smoke-Screen-o-vision' - we designed some special '3D' glasses for viewers to wear that would recreate the sensation of being in a room when a Smoke Screen goes off (they have opaque lenses so you can't see a thing!).

We also designed some great looking animations for Smoke Screen's Dreamoc units. These groundbreaking 3D projectors have been a big hit, and help to showcase the effectiveness of security smoke in a visually stunning fashion.

But the piece de resistance for both Smoke Screen and us is the unveiling of the new Mirage unti. Designed by Rusty Monkey and built by Smoke Screen, this innovative product combines the secutrity smoke generator with an advertising lightbox, meaning that the security is actually an integral part of any retail display.No longer does a Smoke Screen have to be an ugly grey box that needs to be hidden away.

Smoke Screen have entered the Mirage in the best new product category for the IFSEC awards, so we'll await the result with interest!

As part of our 2011 marketing we decided to head down and film some of the buzz around all of Smoke Screen's new attractions. Get a feel for IFSEC yourself with the following short film:

IFSEC 2011 from Rusty Monkey on Vimeo.

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