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An Exciting New Ecommerce Site for Little Duck

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Tuesday, 1st November 2011

The Little Duck Creations website recently went live enabling parents everywhere to buy customised and personalised artwork to adorn the walls of their little ones' bedrooms.


Little Duck's story is this... The business idea came about after the founders struggled to find designs on canvas to brighten up their son's nursery. Most of the canvases they had looked at were simply extortionately priced and the cheaper ones didn't particularly please the eye. Speaking to other new parents only confirmed that adding a splash of colour to a child's bedroom was tricky without spending a lot of money. They called off the search and instead decided to create their own canvases, putting their previous 10 plus years experience of designing and illustrating children's books, games and toy packaging to good use.


Little Duck Creations prints are unique because the prints can be customised to fit home décor and colour schemes and can even be tailored to resemble their little one. Most of the character designs, like pirates and fairies, give customers the opportunity to customise the characters to match the appearance of their child. The website offers options to change the character's hair colour and skin tone, as well as fields for adding the child's name. You can even add a personal message making the artwork a keepsake for years to come. Along with the large variety of customisable designs that Little Duck offer, they will happily create one-off pieces to specific customer requirements.


Rusty Monkey have been working with Little Duck Creations to build the website they needed to ensure little bundles of joy everywhere can have that finishing touch to their bedrooms and nurseries. Our clever team united their 40 plus years of combined experience to craft the fully functioning, user-friendly and brilliantly designed e-commerce site that is

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