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A site redesign for LHD Premier Cars

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Tuesday, 30th August 2011

Gavin from LHD Car Supermarket was so pleased with the work we did rebuilding his main site that he asked us to take a look at his sister site too. LHD Premier Cars takes the cream of the LHD listings and presents only prestige cars for the discerning buyer. As a result, the site needed to reflect a level of class and exclusivity, and we think it certainly does that. We also needed to make it so that Gavin could control and add stock to both of his sites from one central location, so a bit of development was required to be able to share the catalogue to two separate store fronts.

The results were a big success, and the redesign, alongside the ongoing search engine marketing we've been doing for Gavin, has meant a huge upsurge in natural visitors for both sites.

Visit the LHD Premier Cars site and see what you think:

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