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A new site for Connect Midlands

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Monday, 5th September 2011

Connect Midlands Website

Connect Midlands is a not for profit agency dedicated to helping promote business opportunities throughout the East and West Midlands. Michelle from the East Midlands office contacted us earlier in the year asking for some advice on how best to SEO her existing site, but after reviewing the site and her requirements, we recommended that a rebuild would be the best way to firstly bring everything up to date, and secondly kick start the road to the top of Google.

So we got busy, and behind a slick, contemporary design we've installed a variety of bespoke functionality. There's a custom events calendar to display all of their upcoming showcases, seminars and exhibitions, there's full online booking for events, including restrictions and different price levels according to different privelige levels for users, and we even managed to fully integrate the payment process with their existing accounting system run by the University of Warwick.

We also provided a day's training in how best to market the website, so Michelle and her team now have a good grounding in SEM in order to get started promoting the site and attracting new visitors.

See what you think of the site here:

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