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Web And Video Case Studies

  • Smoke Screen's Activation videos

    A great way to show people how good their product is. Concept Smoke Screen have a great product, and the easiest way to show people this is to, well, show them! We proposed filming some videos of the Smoke Screens in action, demonstrating how quickly and effectively security smoke will fill any premises, from an office to a large warehouse. Chris, our lead cameraman, is an expert at finding...  View This »

  • Luxfer's 'Evolution of Cylinders'

    A beautiful animation to showcase their growth. Luxfer Cylinders have become one of our most valued clients, and regularly approach us for video and animation work. They came to us wanting an animation that they could use at a customer appreciation reception. They presented us with a brief, draft storyboard and raw materials and we did the rest. They were thrilled with the results, and even...  View This »