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Web And Video Case Studies

  • Evil Scarecrow's music video

    Stunning music videos at an affordable price. We worked with Nottingham-based parody metal band Evil Scarecrow to produce a music video for their song 'Blacken The Everything'. They're quite a theatrical lot, so we knew the video needed to have high production values and really accentuate what the band and track are about. With Chris on board we know we will always do a great job of filming...  View This »

  • Concept Smoke Screen - a great website for a great client

    Web design with a few added extras. Concept Smoke Screen are one of our oldest clients. We've worked with them for years on design, branding, marketing, video and their website. We relaunched the site in 2009, including some really nice functionality. We built our RM Members application based on their initial specifications and requirements, and it's since been developed so that we can offer...  View This »