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Web And Video Case Studies

  • Patti Patti - a stylish website for Patrizia Gucci

    Beautiful web design to match a beautiful product range. Patti Patti designed by Patrizia Gucci is a range of stunning fabrics for use in blinds, curtains, linen and cushions, provided by Premier Trends. They asked us to design a stylish, upmarket website to reflect the chic and style of the collection. We've also modified our RM Quicksell aplication as a simple CMS to make it easy for them...  View This »

  • Smoke Screen's Activation videos

    A great way to show people how good their product is. Concept Smoke Screen have a great product, and the easiest way to show people this is to, well, show them! We proposed filming some videos of the Smoke Screens in action, demonstrating how quickly and effectively security smoke will fill any premises, from an office to a large warehouse. Chris, our lead cameraman, is an expert at finding...  View This »

  • Luxfer's 'Evolution of Cylinders'

    A beautiful animation to showcase their growth. Luxfer Cylinders have become one of our most valued clients, and regularly approach us for video and animation work. They came to us wanting an animation that they could use at a customer appreciation reception. They presented us with a brief, draft storyboard and raw materials and we did the rest. They were thrilled with the results, and even...  View This »

  • Driving toward success - London School of Driving website launches

    Stylish brochure website design from Rusty Monkey. Mark from London School of Driving contacted us over the summer. He had recently started his own driving school, having previously worked for one of the major franchises. He needed a brand and a website, and, after a chat about exactly what he wanted to achieve, what image he wanted to portray and what budget he had to use, we were able to...  View This »

  • One Man Overture website and Myspace

    A simple web presence for a local musician to share his songs. Mike Thompson is One Man Overture - a solo heavy metal act from Nottingham. He approached us with a number of requests: he had recorded a CD but needed help with the packaging, he wanted to be able to sell his music online and he wanted people to be able to listen online as well. We started by laying out the album sleeve for...  View This »

  • Smoke Screen's Rapid Range Video

    Another great advert for Concept Smoke Screen. The Smoke Screen Rapid Range is designed to protect smaller premises on a budget, so we planned the perfect advert to reflect this. Why spend money on expensive, over-the-top security when you can just get a Smoke Screen? We scripted. casted, shot and edited this quirky little ad, and we were really pleased with the results.  View This »

  • Smoke Screen's E-Series Video

    A quirky advert to showcase their leading product. Concept Smoke Screen have a great product, and we've always tried to help them market themselves in a different way to others on the market. We suggested some product-specific adverts, and we came up with something really interesting for the E-Series, the most powerful Smoke Screen that they produce. We concepted the ad, wrote a script and...  View This »

  • Senosi video site - another great marriage of web and video

    Web design and video come together for Global. Senosi is a range of top quality blinds from Global International, one of the country's leading suppliers of blind and window coverings. Having revamped the brand for Global and the sub-brand for Senosi, we filmed a series of videos showcasing these beautiful products. We produced a promotional DVD for them to use, then we built the videos into...  View This »

  • Bandit and Bach Group Video Astons

    An easy, stylish way to make all of your videos look professional and on-brand. Markus at Bach Group is the German distributor for Concept Smoke Screen, so he approached us to help out with some marketing on the continent. As well as providing a German-language version of the Very, Very Short Heist Movie, we produced two different video astons for him to use on any video he produced. This...  View This »

  • Concept Smoke Screen go to the movies

    A Hollywood production to advertise your business. As part of our 2010 marketing we suggested that Concept Smoke Screen take a slightly different approach to their competitors. We concepted, wrote, casted, directed and edited The Very, Very Short Heist Movie - a pastiche of classic Hollywood crime capers in which we demonstrated how short such films would have been if the targets had a Smoke...  View This »