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Professional video production services

nottingham video production services


We're experienced in every aspect of the video production process. From pre-production through to editing, we'll make sure your video looks great and does exactly what you need it to. We make sure we're up to date with all of the latest trends and techniques too, so we can always provide something cutting edge, not something that looks like it belongs in the 1970s.


There's a lot of video out there these days, but it's no good if it looks like it was shot on someone's phone. Our quality is second to none - HD cameras, experienced personnel and great results speak for themselves.

Our standard video shoots start at around £1600+VAT (includes basic pre-production, 1 full day filming, 1 day editing and standard equipment hire). Contact us for a project-specific quotation.


Rick Lintin

Luxfer Cylinders Ltd.

"Everyone here thought that the quality of the footage from Rusty Monkey was outstanding, both artistically and technically. The video they made for us is excellent. Rusty Monkey are my number one choice for video work."

video production

full video production service

We can offer the full video production package, including extensive pre-production services - we sourced locations, actors and props and wrote the script for Smoke Screen's incredibly successful 'The Very Short Heist Movie'. Our pre-production phase also ensures we review the whole project and hire in any external equipment we might need to make the best of the video shoot and make sure we can maximise time on the shoot itself.

video shoot

on the day

On the day of the shoot we'll turn up with 2 crew members - one of our highly trained cameramen and a producer to make sure that everything runs smoothly and to make sure we follow the shot list and get all of the footage. We're experienced at gathering everything we need, including plenty of incidental shots, establishing shots and more to make sure there's plenty of material to use in the final version.

editing and after-effects

professional editing

Once we're finished it's back to the studio where we edit a first cut together for your approval, before actioning any feedback and providing the final cut as a High Definition download, perfect for you to start showing off to your customers. Rusty Monkey video production Nottingham can take care of the whole process.

video production timeline

video production timeline