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Video special effects nottingham

editing - it's all in the detail

Add an amazing shine to your video production and wow your audience.

all in the edit

We make sure we get enough footage during the shoot to make editing a straightforward process. We use your original storyboard and brief and any notes we made during the shoot to put together a rough cut for you to look at. After you've given us any feedback, we tidy up and provide the final version as a High Defintiion download for you to start using straight away.

aim high

Don't feel limited by what you can do in live action. We have experts in special effects that can make anything appear on your video - if you can envisage it, we can deliver. Contact us to dicuss the endless possibilities.

Editing services start at £450+VAT/day and are charged solely on studio time required.


Rick Lintin

Luxfer Cylinders Ltd.

"Everyone here thought that the quality of the footage from Rusty Monkey was outstanding, both artistically and technically. The video they made for us is excellent. Rusty Monkey are my number one choice for video work."

special effects

great editing, stunning results

We believe in aiming for something a bit beyond the norm, so creating an advert that utilises some great looking video special effects on a reasonable budget might be more achievable than you think. You can view some of our efforts in Smoke Screen's 'The Very Short Heist Movie' (would you believe this was actually shot in bright sunshine in the middle of the daytime?) and Evil Scarecrow's music video 'Blacken The Everything'. Special effects are included in the editing process and charged according to the time we spend in the studio, although we'll try to give you a realistic estimate before we start so it doesn't feel like it's spiralling out of control.