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expert video production in nottingham

Video Production Nottingham


The video revolution is well underway. It's easier than ever to produce video projects and then use the internet to show off the results. We have the experience to know just how to plan, shoot and edit a piece of video to advertise your business in the right way. Let us help you to wow your customers and showcase your products and services in a more dynamic and effective way than printed literature ever could, then let us help you find the best way to show it off. Corporate and serious or quirky and fun - we can help with any kind of video project.


Spread your video far and wide. We're experts in online and offline distribution - use video sharing and social media sites to expose your video to a whole new audience. Build video into your existing site to instantly demonstrate your products to visitors. Use CD or DVD Roms as great, dynamic ways to reach your customers and give them something more than just a paper brochure.

You can view our video showreel in the case studies section, or visit our Youtube channel to see what we've produced inthe past.


Case: Video Production

By Janette Salt at TTS Group

"We needed a company that could help us to film some of our products and edit together five videos all within a very tight timescale.

Rusty Monkey provided understanding of the brief, support to ensure that the footage captured was the best it could be and fantastic editing to create five great videos."

Rating: 5 out of 5

video production

Expert video production

From pre-production through to delivery of the final cut, we can take on any aspect of your video project. We've had clients who just want us to turn up and shoot then leave them to edit, or others who have asked us to plan, script, produce, shoot and edit a video, so we're great at providing the exact level of service you need from us. Expert video production in Nottingham and across the UK.

professional video equipment

Technical expertise

We only use the best personnel and equipment to ensure that whatever your project, we can deliver the highest quality results. We have experience, expertise and vision - everything you need to make a great video. Chris, our head cameraman, works on TV all the time, including on the landmark live EastEnders that was filmed in March 2010. 16.6 million people saw his work, so he must be doing something right.

editing and special effects

editing and special effects

We're also completely up to date with the latest special effects packages, so anything you want adding to your video is possible. Don't be afraid to come to us with ambitious projects - give us enough time in the studio and our Nottingham video production team can produce antyhing.



Animation is also a great way of showcasing products and services. We've produced a number of animations for clients to use at exhibitions and trade stands, on websites and in multimedia CD/DVD Roms. Provide us with the source material and we'll animate a really stylish, slick piece for you to wow your customers. If you need some ideas, we're always happy to spend some time coming up with a great plan to provide you with the best video we can.