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SEO Nottingham

SEO means more business!

Cracking Google is the key to the internet - let us show you how to use the world's most popular search engine to your advantage and drive business to your website with our online marketing and search engine optimsation services.

reach the top

We're not only experts in great looking website design, but also SEO (search engine optimisation) and SEM (search engine marketing) ensuring you get the traffic you need. All of our sites are built to be semantic and coherent, so the code is already suited to be Google-friendly. Add to this our comprehensive SEO service and we produce websites that have the best chance of ranking well in search engines from the start.

stand out

In a competitive market, it might be necessary to also do some additional online marketing, and we're experts in networking to build up your online profile and drive traffic to your site. We can offer some friendly advice on how you can do this yourself, or else we can take on some ongoing marketing for a monthly fee. Contact us for more details.


Matt Burton

Creative Director

"Bridging the gap between Chris’s creativity and Russell’s code is a skill in its own! But the results are great and between us we push the boundaries of what is possible. The most rewarding work is when we surpass the client’s expectations through some new innovation."

SEO and online marketing

SEO (search engine optimisation)

SEO is the first stage is to make sure your site is filled with good content. During the website build, we can undertake comprehensive analysis of your business sector to find the best keywords and sesarch terms for you. We can also write your copy and make sure everything is informative, relevant and targeted. Adding meta-data into the code helps Google find you better as well. Quality, holistic SEO in Nottingham.

Website optimisation starts at £450+VAT for a standard 5 page brochure website.

SEO Nottingham

Online Marketing

Once your site is up and runing it can sometimes take a while for it to settle down and rank in Google. Once it does - and especially if your industry is competitiive - you might want to think about doing something extra. Link building, directory submission and more can be really effective in building up your site's profile and shooting up the rankings.

SEO (search engine optimisation)