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e-Commerce: it's easier than you think

eCommerce Nottingham

easy to use

More and more people are turning to the convenience of the internet for shopping, so make sure your business isn't missing out. It's easier than you might think to set up an eCommerce website. We're experts in offering advice on the right system for you, then configuring it to meet your needs. We handle everything from design to content to payment provider integration, so you can just sit back and watch your website work for you.

total control

You decide the level of control you need. If you need stock levels to be shown on the site - no problem. If you want cross-selling and recommended items - that's easy. You can control what products are displayed, add images and easily add or remove new items to make sure your catalogue is bang up to date. Just tell us how much you want the shop to do and we'll do the rest. Bespoke eCommerce in Nottingham.


Matt Burton

Creative Director

Some companies will offer you 'off-the-shelf products', others may charge you a substantial amount for bespoke development. We like to think differently. We have developed our own ‘off-the-shelf’ systems and developed bespoke systems. We believe in offering you the package that suits your needs. This could be our own Content Management System or developing an open source eCommerce platform such as Magento"

simple eCommerce

simple e-Commerce

A simple online shop can be provided by our RM Quicksell application. You control what products are in your catalogue with a straightforward spreadsheet upload (we'll provide full instructions for you). We can integrate a variety of payment providers too, making this a great cost-effective way to start out selling. Control what items are on your eCommerce website and then watch the money roll in.

Magento eCommerce

the advanced model

More advanced functionality can be provided by Magento, a powerful open source shopping application, and we're experts in configuring and installing Magento systems. A variety of advanced seller options and tools such as detailed reporting, cross-selling, special offers, etc. can be provided easily, and Magento offers in-built extras like news blog, newsletter and content management facilities. It's one of the most robust and trusted eCommerce options available.

A full Magento website sarts at £4500+VAT.