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Thursday, 13th October 2011

Web standards have moved on. Have you?

Maybe not. And why is there a picture of a panda? Well things have changed here in 2011. HTML 5.0 has now been ratified, browsers have been updated and google rolled out the Panda update (hence the panda picture).

google panda and HTML 5

What does all of this mean? Is my old site useless?

Well it doesn't mean any one thing and no, your old site is not useless! But we now have a whole host of HTML elements to which we can retrofit your site (or maybe it's time for a new one?). The new tools and techniques have the following advantages:

  • More semantic code! We can now include a whole range of semantic elements to your page. Such as identifying a blog as an 'article' and identifying header and navigation. Advantages - Accessibility and SEO. Search engines love semantic code.
  • New schema. This means we can build sites using clear sections and better use of heading tags. Advantages - Accessibility and SEO. Better structured headings allow us to meet SEO requirements.
  • Minified Code. Another benefit for Search Engine rankings is minified and combined code. This all increases overall page speed and user experience. Our new clone is registering an impressive score of 97/100. Advantages - SEO and user experience. A faster site means a lower bounce rate and more conversions!
  • Better Bamboo for the Panda. If your site isn't recent then it may be missing such things as canonical links, IE 9 pin information and Facebook open group tags. These can all contribute to your overall SEO success. Advantages - SEO, social media control and IE bookmarking.
  • Google Rich Snippets and Microformats. These helpful code identifiers can parse information to popular microformat readers and to Google's search results. Have you seen the little author images pop up in your Google search results? Or star ratings? Or even products? These are all controlled by microformats. Advantages - Site experience and SEO.
  • Social Links and Google+. Don't have a google +1 button? Not taking advantage of the social media sites? The panda may not be pleased. There is a growing importance on developing your social media footprint. Advantages - SEO, SEM and quality traffic and site conversion.
  • HTML 5 Video. We are proud of our new way of embedding video. Video delivery is extremely complex. We've got around the need to compress 3 (yes 3!) different video types to work cross browser and STILL deliver on almost any browser! Advantages - Better video delivery, HTML 5 roll back for non flash devices such as iPhones.

So are you ready to get up to date?

As a special offer we are offering a massive 50% off any retrofit site or rebuild of an existing brochure style site until the end of November 2011. This means you can be HTML 5 and Panda compliant for as little as £450 + VAT!

So drop us a message and we'll give your site a free HTML 5 / Panda audit, along with a quote and our recommendation!

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