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Setting up email on Outlook Express

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Thursday, 4th November 2010

A walkthrough for configuring your mailbox.

Here's a quick guide to setting up a webmail-based email account to automatically deliver your mail to Outlook Express. All versions of Outlook operate slightly differently, so make sure you are using the right one. If you're not using Outlook Express there's some more guides that might be useful elsewhere on our site, just look at the Email Help section within the Rusty Monkey Knowledge Base.

Configuring Outlook Express:

1. Go to 'Start' and choose 'All programs'. Find 'Outlook Express' and open the program.

2. If this is the first time you've opened Outlook Express it should start its own setup wizard, so follow the instructions to set up your email account. If not, you'll need to go to 'Tools' in the top menu, then 'Accounts'.

3. This will open up the 'Internet accounts' window, and will display any email acounts already set up in Outlook Express. Click 'Add' in the top right hand corner, then click 'Mail' to select a new mail account.

Outlook Express setup

4. Follow the instructions, entering the required information when prompted. Hit 'Next' after you've filled in each field to continue:

Display name - choose the name that will appear on any outgoing emails in the 'From' line.
Email address - this is made up of your user name, an @ symbol and your domain name, eg
Email server names:
Choose what type your incoming sever is (this information can be obtained from your email provider).
For the incoming mail server use, eg
Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for details of your outgoing mail server (SMTP). Note - Rusty Monkey customers with an Advanced Mailbox will be provided with SMTP settings to use here.

Outlook Express setup

Internet Mail Login - enter your full email address in the 'Account name' space and your mailbox password (as provided by the email host) in the 'Password' field.

Click 'Finish' and the new mailbox will be added to your Outlook Express account.  

You can edit setting in 'Tools > Accounts' by clicking on the relevant account. If your ISP has specified that the outgoing mail (SMTP) server requires authentication click on 'servers' and check the 'My server requires authentication' box, then click 'OK'.

Outlook Express setup

Once you've set up and tested your mail account, you can change settings, such as how often mail is fetched from the server, using 'Tools > options'.

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