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Welcome to the video revolution. Since the advent of sites like YouTube and Vimeo and the introduction of html5 video, it's easier than ever to display your movie projects online. We know how to plan, shoot and edit a piece of video to advertise your business in just the right way. Let us help you to wow your customers and showcase your products and services in a more dynamic and effective way than printed literature ever could. Then we can help you find the best way to show it off. Corporate and serious or quirky and fun - we can help with any kind of video project.

Spread your video far and wide. As experts in online and offline distribution, we can use video sharing and social media sites to expose your video to a whole new audience. Build video into your existing site to instantly demonstrate your products to visitors. Or use media rich apps to reach your customers and give them something significantly more than just a paper brochure. View our video showreel in the case studies section, or visit our YouTube channel to see what we've produced in the past.

A film is – or should be – more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, what’s behind the emotion, the meaning, all that comes later.

- Stanley Kubrick -

Expert video production

We have the know-how and equipment to make your video productions shine, from corporate showcases to dazzling Hollywood-style adverts. From pre-production through to delivery of the final cut, we can take on any aspect of your video project. And not just here in Nottingham - we have travelled all over the country filming and even ventured overseas. Some clients ask us to turn up and shoot then leave them to edit, and others require the full service - plan, script, produce, shoot and edit. Either way, we are confident in providing the exact level of service you need from us.

video production technical expertise

Technical expertise

We only use the best personnel and equipment to ensure that whatever your project, we can deliver the best quality results. We have experience, expertise and vision - everything you need to make a great video. Chris, our head cameraman, has been working as a camera operator and supervisor for the BBC for over 20 years, meaning that he knows exactly how to make your production look stunning. His CV covers a range of productions, outside broadcasts, music and sports events and more, as well as numerous corporate videos and adverts.

Investment in our video service means we have top of the range equipment readily available that we can offer on all of our shoots. This means no external hire costs unless we need something specialised, in which case we'll let you know in advance. We use the latest High Definition (and 4K capable) cinematic cameras alongside all the extras you’d expect: including sliders, dollies, high quality microphones and specialist lighting to make sure we can handle the majority of shoots without hiring in extra gear. If it comes to it, we know plenty of reasonably priced hire companies - extra mics or even camera cranes if needed can be sourced and passed on at cost. The important thing is that you know we're only using the best equipment for your project.

Editing and special effects

We're also completely up-to-date with the latest special effects software, so anything is possible! Don't be afraid to come to us with ambitious projects - give us enough time in the studio and our video production team can create epic visual masterpieces. We make sure we're abreast of the latest trends and techniques too, so we can always provide something cutting edge, not something that looks like it belongs in the 1970s.

music video special effects
HD video production for the BBC


There's a lot of video out there these days, but it's no good if it looks like it was shot on someone's phone. Our quality is second to none - HD cameras, experienced personnel and great results speak for themselves. Our crews regularly work on full blown television productions - there’s no doubt that you will have seen their work already! We also have an amazing talent pool to draw on; if your production happened to need another 50 camera operators, we’d know exactly who to bring in.

Full video production service

Our extensive pre-production services include location, actor and prop sourcing. We even wrote the script for Smoke Screen's incredibly successful 'The Very Short Heist Movie'. Our pre-production phase also ensures we review the whole project and streamline the shoot ensuring you get the most for your money.

full video production service for smokescreen
profession video production nottingham

On the day

On the day of the shoot we normally work with two crew members - one of our highly trained cameramen and a producer to make sure that everything runs smoothly and to make sure we follow the shot list and get all of the required footage to make editing a straightforward process. We will use your original brief, our storyboard and any notes we made during the shoot to put together a rough cut for you to look at. After you've given us any feedback, we tidy up and provide the final version as a hi-def download for you to start using straight away.

Professional editing

Once we're finished it's back to the studio where we edit a first cut together for your approval using Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X on our latest edit suites, before actioning any feedback and providing the final cut as a HD download - perfect for you to show off to your customers.

prefessional video editing
transparent video production costs

Transparent production costs

We're very upfront about our video projects, mainly because we know how unpredictable they can be if not properly managed. We'll give a realistic estimate of how long we think a shoot will take and how long we'll allow for editing, but we always build in contingency time in case we need it. The last thing you want is a disappointing result because we ran out of time or budget. Our prices always include crew, equipment and studio time, and we will provide a full breakdown in advance. Our standard video shoots start at around £1,600+VAT (includes basic pre-production, 1 full day filming, 1 day editing and standard equipment hire). Contact us for a project-specific quotation.

Typical video timeline requirements

Initial Meeting
Product Brief
Find Venues
Source Actors / Participants
Specify Kit & Prod Staff
Copy Footage
Voiceover / Music
Tweaking Feedback
Final Edit / Deliver
Concept Design

Video and SFX Case Studies

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