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brand development Nottingham

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Designing a brand is much more than just creating a logo. We sit down and talk to our clients to create a detailed brief, outlining what they want their business to represent and what image they want to portray. Then it's over to the designers, who are great at translating a written brief into amazing graphical designs. Complete marketing strategy and brand development in Nottingham.

keep your branding safe

Once the brand is completed, we make sure we provide full details on how to use it, so we'll provide all the necessary files and fonts and a set of usage guidelines to make sure your brand works for you wherever it is used.

Branding packages start from £1000+VAT, but contact us for a detailed specification.


Chris Goor

Managing Director

"We like a challenge! That's where we are best. When we started working with Interflora we'd never produced any banner ads.

Using our creativity and marketing knowledge we still managed to help produce a 613% increase in sales with our ads. Not bad for a first attempt, eh?"

branding services

complete branding process

All of our branding packages follow the same basic process - the only difference is the more budget is available, the more studio time we can devote to each stage and hence the better the results. Planning is essential - we do research and talk to our clients to write a clear brief to give to our designers. They then produce a series of designs that we critique internally, then present the most appropriate for approval. After the client gives us feedback, we fine tune and present some contextual examples, then we hand over the final brand to let it start working for you.

brand guidelines

safe and sound

We always provide usage guidelines to make sure that, whatever you do, your brand will retain its integrity and make the best impression. We provide guidance on what fonts to use, what colours make up the brand, what style images whould be and when and where each variation of the logo should be utilised. We wrap all of this up in a stylish booklet, which we send as a PDF or hard copy as required so you can always make sure that anyone using your brand will get it right.